All About Frenulum Piercing: The Complete Experience Guide 

Body piercings were considered controversial by many people for a long time. In today’s liberal environment, tattoos and piercings are seen as perfectly normal. This results in the rapid introduction of novel body piercings. The fact that the frenulum piercing is seldom brought up in conversation does not diminish its uniqueness or rarity. Do you want to learn the secrets of smiling piercing’s success? To find out, just keep reading!

What is a Frenulum Piercing?

Tongue web, under-the-tongue, and “Marley” piercings are all common names for the frenulum piercing. The tongue and the floor of the mouth are joined together by a little flap of connective tissue called a frenulum. The structures in our mouths that allow us to articulate words. Frenulum piercing, then, is a hole punched through the frenulum.

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The condition known as “tongue-tied” occurs when the frenulum is either too far forward or too short, restricting the tongue’s normal range of motion. The beauty of this piercing lies in the fact that it is concealed until the wearer chooses to draw attention to it. If you’re a piercing enthusiast who can’t show off your piercings for any reason, this is the piercing for you.

What To Expect From A Tongue Web Piercing

Due to the thin nature of the membrane, this piercing causes little discomfort. Most individuals believe the clamping action is more uncomfortable than the needle itself. The frenulum piercing has the potential to irritate the gums and lead to receding gums in the long run. In addition to damaging the enamel of your teeth, a piercing should be removed if you observe any changes to your gums. Excessive fiddling with jewelry might lead to the same problems. The same holds true if you see the jewelry moving about, since it may be yanked out of place and damaged. Because of these dangers, this piercing is not often preserved for a long time and should not be performed by anybody other than a trained expert.

How to Identify and Treat Frenulum Piercing Infection

Infection is more common in some types of piercings. Unfortunately, frenulum piercing is included in the latter group, as are all piercings in the tongue. It’s all down to the microorganisms you take in via your diet, your intimate relationships, and the things you put in your mouth. That’s why it’s so important to recognize the early warning symptoms of an infection and treat them promptly.

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It is normal for the pierced region to feel sore and sensitive immediately after the procedure. There’s some wiggle area for puffiness, mild pain, a little of heat, and a white discharge. However, this redness may be the first indicator of infection if it extends beyond the punctured location. The following should be considered warning flags in addition to others:

  • Unusual swelling that borders with discomfort
  • Never-ending warmth
  • Extremely painful feelings
  • Puss-like discharge, anything yellowish should be enough to alarm you
  • Bleeding
  • Unusual bumps on the side or the back of your piercing
  • Fever

Most occurrences of minor infections may be treated at home without the need for medical attention. If this is your first piercing or if the problem rapidly worsens, however, you should see the piercer right away.

What is the healing time for a tongue web piercing?

These piercings take around two to three months to heal, and after a month you may change to a smaller barbell or a new piece of jewelry. However, if your jewelry doesn’t feel healed after two months, it’s best to be careful and wait to switch it out. Rinsing your mouth with salt water might help speed up the healing process. There’s no need to soak the piercing, and although mouthwash will get rid of any germs or food that could have been stuck, something like Biotene is preferable since it doesn’t include alcohol (ouch!). If you see any little discoloration around the piercing, you should either stop using mouthwash altogether or significantly reduce the amount you use. If you have a piercing, avoid using mouthwash with alcohol since it might aggravate the wound and slow the healing process.

One gallon of distilled water, which can be found at any supermarket, and non-iodized sea salt are needed to make the salt water solution. Mix the distilled water with the four tablespoons of salt and shake well. Rinse your mouth out with the saltwater solution for 30 seconds after each time you eat or smoke. Due to the potential of infection, you should also avoid oral sex and kissing during this time, as well as sharing food and beverages with others.

How Much Does Frenulum Piercing Cost?

Depending on where you are in the globe, the average cost of this piercing is between $30 and $90. In some piercing parlors, the jewelry is sold at an additional cost. There is a high danger of infection with this piercing, therefore it’s best to go with an expert piercer no matter how much he charges.

  • However, the cost of getting this piercing done ranges from $30 to $90 in the States.
  • The price range in Europe is from €25 and €70.
  • A frenulum piercing in the UK will cost you between £20 and £60.

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