Do You Know What Your Black Onyx Actually Means?

Black onyx is a type of igneous stone that ranges in color from white to dark gray and even black. While it’s often been used for jewelry, it can also be used for housewares, statues, and other decorative items.

Black onyx is known for being an excellent grounding stone that helps its wearer with self-confidence issues, increasing their motivation levels and providing them with additional strength during times of trouble. It also works as a wonderful companion to other crystals or gemstones.

Basic Black Onyx Gemstone Information

Element: Fire
Birthstone of: Leo
Vibrates to: Number 6
Attuned to: The Root Chakra
Onyx Dreams: Symbolic of peace, harmony, love.

History of Black Onyx

Black Onyx / image from
Black Onyx / image from

The history of black onyx is as old as civilization itself. The stone has been used for thousands of years, and it is believed to have been discovered first by the Romans.

The Romans used onyx for the making of jewelry and it was believed that wearing onyx could protect people from evil spirits and curses.

The name “onyx” comes from the Greek word “onux,” which means fingernail. This is because the gemstone’s layered appearance resembles that of a fingernail.

The name “bad luck stone” was formerly applied to black onyx. Black energy, which the stone is said to transmit, has been associated with negative mental and physical effects in a number of civilizations. A person’s personality, relationships, mental and physical health were all thought to suffer as a result of possessing the stone. Due to its reputation for evil, black onyx was formerly mined in China only by slaves. For fear of disasters on their own turf, royals and nobles allowed their workers to transport this stone and sell it to other nations. A Sard stone, which may counteract the Black Onyx’s effects, is brought along for the ride.

What is the meaning of black onyx?

black onyx meaning
black onyx meaning

Black onyx has been used for its supposed protective qualities by people since ancient Egypt, when Cleopatra first wore it. It is sometimes worn in combat to shield the person from harm in both the past and present. Black onyx is also thought to give protection against conflict and harmful circumstances.

Those who wear black onyx are shielded from harm. According to urban legend, a stone’s dark color indicates that it has absorbed a great deal of bad energy. Ancient Egyptian tradition states that when Cleopatra would wear black onyx jewelry, the stone would vibrate when it perceived bad energy, warning the Queen that danger was lurking around.

What are the benefits of wearing black onyx?

image credit:
image credit:

1. Help you stay away from negative emotions and let go of the past

Black onyx has been worn for eons as a means of purging oneself of any lingering negativity. The stone’s calming energy gradually frees its user from distressing emotions, ideas, and circumstances.

Most jewelry professionals and aficionados think that letting go of the past means letting go of bad feelings. As such, some individuals use this stone to help them let go of toxic friendships, toxic romantic relationships, and other painful links to the past.

Black onyx is said to aid those who are having trouble forgiving others for the actions that led to the loss of a prior relationship.

In addition, it is believed that the stone may aid its wearer in establishing emotional distance from the sources of ongoing pain or unhappiness. This avoids putting you in potentially dangerous scenarios.

For this reason, some choose to wear this stone in the hopes that it will aid them in escaping from potentially dangerous circumstances and ending toxic relationships.

2. Increased Immunity

Wearers claim that black onyx not only strengthens their immune systems, but also their physical fortitude. The benefits extend to both mental and physical health. Potential benefits of wearing the mysterious stone include increased vitality and protection from illness.

3. Promotes Spiritual Healing

You may also experience spiritual healing by just wearing this stone. A strong grounding energy, black onyx helps to unite your spirit with the planet. Wearing this may help meditators find their core and feel more in one with Mother Earth. In addition to stimulating the five senses, it also activates the third eye chakra, which is responsible for heightened psychic abilities.

4. Attract Money and Abundance

A number of Feng Shui authorities agree that having a black onyx stone on display in one’s house or business, or even just using it as a paper weight, will help bring in more cash. Those who want material success might also wear it as a necklace or a bracelet.

This is mostly due to the fact that these stones may aid an entrepreneur or businessperson in making rapid, reliable judgments.

Black onyx products and how to use them?

1.Black Onyx bracelet

image credit: amazon
image credit: amazon

For centuries black onyx bracelets have been used as a symbol of protection and strength. Whether you are looking for a unique gift for someone special or desire something to bring you good luck, an onyx bracelet is the perfect choice. This timeless piece of jewelry has many benefits beyond its majestic beauty. Not only does it provide the wearer with an exquisite accessory, but it also offers healing properties and can be used to bring about positive change in one’s life.

2. Black Onyx Pendant

image credit: amazon
image credit: amazon

Black Onyx pendants have long been a popular choice of jewelry, particularly among those with a taste for bold and dramatic statement pieces. Its sleek surface and deep black color make it a striking addition to any wardrobe. This gemstone has been used in jewelry since antiquity, as its beautiful hue was thought to protect the wearer against misfortune and ill-fortune.

3. Black onyx ring

image credit: amzon
image credit: amzon

Black onyx rings are a classic and timeless piece of jewelry that adds a unique touch to any outfit. With its striking black color, the ring creates an air of sophistication and elegance. Black onyx is an ancient stone that has been used in jewelry since antiquity and continues to be a fashion staple today. Its simple and classic design makes it suitable for everyday wear or special occasions, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to make a statement with their accessories.

Can black onyx be worn everyday?

Onyx can be worn everyday, but it should not be worn when showering or swimming as the stones can get damaged.

It’s best to avoid wearing onyx when you need to wear rubber gloves or work with other chemicals. If you must wear these types of materials while wearing your onyx jewelry, you might want to choose another type of stone such as jade or pearl instead.

And you may want to think twice about wearing a black onyx ring or pendant every day if you have any kind of skin condition that causes inflammation or swelling.

Onyx can cause inflammation in people with sensitive skin who wear it all day long because of its ability to absorb negative energy from another person or from other sources in the environment. This can lead to serious health problems like headaches, skin rashes and digestive issues if you don’t remove the item from your body after wearing it for an extended period of time.

How can you tell if black onyx is real?

The most common way to tell if a piece of onyx is genuine, and not just a piece of dyed quartzite or agate, is through its hardness. Onyx has a Mohs hardness of 7, making it softer than most other gemstones. It can be scratched with a fingernail or even the edge of a penny.

Another way to tell if your onyx is real is by its weight. Real onyx should weigh more than fake onyx because it has more density than quartzite or agate. If your piece feels very light in your hand, this may indicate that it isn’t real onyx.

If you have doubts about whether your stone is real or not, take it to a jeweler for inspection. The jeweler should be able to test the stone for hardness and weight as well as tell you whether he thinks it’s genuine or not.

Black Onyx in Feng Shui

Black Onyx is a very effective stone to use in feng shui. It can be used to enhance wealth, career, protection and overall prosperity.

Place the stone in the Southwest sector of your home to enhance career opportunities.

You can also place Black Onyx in the Center sector of your home or office. This area is known as the energy center because it houses all the other sectors around it, so placing Black Onyx here will help to ground all this energy and keep it flowing smoothly through your life.

How to clean and care for your onyx gemstones

The onyx stone setting in your ring or other jewelry should be cleaned using a technique that is safe for the metal it is composed of.

However, onyx being such a delicate gemstone restricts how you can clean the rest of your jewelry. As was previously said, you should avoid using any chemicals that can damage the stone.

If, for example, your onyx ring is set in silver, you shouldn’t soak it in a baking soda and water mixture to get rid of tarnish as you would if the ring were composed entirely of silver.

If you are using water and soap to clean your gold onyx jewelry, for example, be cautious not to wet the gemstone; likewise, don’t allow any soap to get into touch with your onyx.

In most cases, a soft cloth dampened with water is the most secure method for cleaning the metal components of your onyx jewelry. Use a gentle brush to clean the hard-to-reach sections of your setup.

When cleaning your jewelry with a polishing cloth, avoid getting any onyx gemstones on the cloth.

Onyx Meanings, Uses & Healing Properties – A-Z Satin Crystals / from youtube

Who should not wear black onyx?

In astrology, the black onyx is said to bring bad luck to anyone born under the sign of Gemini. The other signs may test the stone for a period of three days to see whether it works well with them, but only if they are willing to commit to wearing it constantly.

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