What is the True Meaning of a Black Pearl?

Black pearls are the rarest of all natural pearls. They’re also among the most unique. That’s because they can be found in a variety of colors and shapes, and their color comes from a wide range of sources—from black sand and volcanic ash to dark-colored fishing nets.

The most common black pearl is known as “iron-rich” or “iridescent,” which means it contains elements like iron, manganese, titanium, or other minerals that give it different hues depending on how light hits them at different angles. Like any other gemstone or mineral specimen, there are many ways you can use your black pearl for good luck, health and healing—and even protection!

Black pearls are no ordinary pearls

When you think of pearls, what comes to mind? A beautiful necklace or earrings? While this is certainly one way to wear them, it’s not the only way. You can also find black pearls as a pendant or pin in a single strand or as part of a multi-strand necklace.

What makes a pearl black? If it’s not actually black, then why do we call them that? It’s because they’re made from mussels (clams) that are found off the coast of Australia and Tahiti. These clams produce small pearls which are harvested and turned into jewelry pieces by artisans around the world.


A black pearl is not like other pearls. They are not as common, nor are they extremely expensive. While it is true that they are rarer and more expensive than white or pink pearls, they can still be purchased for a relatively low cost in comparison to the cost of a natural white or cream colored pearl. On top of these differences in price and availability, black pearls have their own unique characteristics that set them apart from their cousins:

  • The color range of these gems runs from dark brown (almost black) to very dark gray with traces of blue or green; there are also some varieties with lighter hues such as charcoal gray or lavender which fall somewhere between the darkest blacks and grays on the spectrum.
  • Their shape will also differ from regular round cultured pearls due to their randomness; most likely being irregularly shaped off-rounds (triangular), baroque shapes, clusters of smaller beads instead of one large center bead (which would be typical for any other type) all due to their natural shape breeding process when growing inside oysters!


Black pearls can be a symbol of transformation. They can represent the changes you want to see in your life, career, relationships and health.

If you were born under one of these signs:

  • Aries – Pearl color: black, Red and brown
  • Taurus – Pearl color: golden brown, pearl color: cream white, pearl color: silver gray
  • Gemini – Pearl color: light pink or red-brown (depending on if it is an Akoya or Tahitian)
  • Cancer – Pearl color: light yellowish-white with a halo around it like the moon at night time when you look up from Earth’s surface at space above your head (this applies only for South Sea cultured pearls).


Black pearls are believed to protect the wearer from evil forces and are considered to be a good luck charm. They’re also thought to bring protection, which makes them a symbol of protection.

People who wear black pearls may feel less vulnerable, since they believe the gemstones will help keep them safe from any harm or danger.


Black pearls are known for their strength and durability. If you’re a hard worker, or just looking to be more successful in your career and life, black pearls can help you do that. They’re associated with strength, power and courage–the qualities needed to make it through the tough times.

Health and healing

Black pearls, like other black stones and gemstones, have long been associated with health and healing. In fact, it’s easy to see why: their dark hue is reminiscent of black light and the colorless skin beneath our outer layers—the skin that holds our organs in place and protects us from the outside world.

In some cultures black pearls are thought to promote fertility because they resemble the womb or a baby. Black pearl bracelets were traditionally worn by pregnant women throughout China in order to increase their chances of having a son (for example). This may or may not work!

If you suffer from dry skin or eczema then you could try wearing a pair of dangling earrings made from black pearls as they are believed to alleviate these conditions.

Good luck and prosperity

Black pearls are a symbol of good fortune, and have been used as good luck charms for centuries. They’re believed to bring good luck and prosperity to their owners, making them an especially fitting gift for someone who is going through a difficult time.

The most common black pearl is the rare South Sea or Tahitian pearl, but there are also black pearls from other sources such as freshwater mussels.

How to Wear Black Pearls

To wear black pearls, you need to first look at your attire. If you’re dressing up for an evening event, a red carpet or a wedding, definitely go with black pearls. They’ll complement the formality of your outfit nicely. If you’re just wearing jeans and a t-shirt but still want to add some sparkle, try pairing your black pearl earrings with a necklace or bracelet in gold or silver instead—that way they’ll stand out more against the casual clothing than they would if they were paired with something else that’s not as bright and shiny.

If you want your pearl jewelry to be seen by others without overwhelming them with too much shine (or if you just don’t like how much light reflects from white gemstones), choose dark colored gems instead! The pearls will still retain their beauty while also letting other colors stand out more clearly around them on necklaces or bracelets.

We hope you learned a little bit about the meaning behind black pearls and how they can be used in your life. Whether you’re looking for protection or good luck, there’s a black pearl out there for you. It’s important to remember that each person has their own interpretation of what these gems mean to them so don’t be afraid to ask around before buying one!

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