The Scarab Bracelets Meaning: All You Need to Know

A scarab bracelet is a type of bracelet that has been popular for centuries. The design of the bracelet is based on the ancient Egyptian scarab beetle, which was a symbol of good luck and protection. Scarab bracelets are usually made of gold or silver, and they often have gems or other decorations on them.

The History of the scarab Bracelet

A thing for scarab bracelets/image from
A thing for scarab bracelets/image from

The history of the scarab bracelet can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed that if a person wore an image of the scarab beetle on their body, they would be granted immortality by the gods. The scarab beetle was also a sign of fertility, as well as regeneration and rebirth.

The ancient Egyptians believed that there were two types of souls: one that lived on after death and one that could not be resurrected. They believed that the scarab beetle could hold both types of souls in its body at once, so it became an important symbol of rebirth and immortality.

The first use of a scarab bracelet dates back to 3000 B.C., when they were used as amulets against disease and evil spirits. Later, they were used as good luck charms or talismans against evil forces.

What’s the meaning of scarab bracelet?

1. Protection

Given the ancient Egyptians’ association of the scarab with rebirth, scarab jewelry was often interred beside the bodies of the deceased. The Pharaoh Tutankhamen was buried with a heart scarab — a protective amulet, generally of green stone, placed over the heart or on the chest of the dead. Green was the symbolic color of rebirth to the Egyptians, and the flat base of the scarab may be engraved with the name of a pharaoh or deity to shield the wearer in the afterlife.

2. Symbol Of Wealth

The ancient Egyptians associated the scarab beetle with prosperity and good fortune. They were successful because of their cunning, diligence, and brains when it came to rolling manure. However sluggish they were, they represented all that was needed to make monetary progress.

Everyone from commoners to pharaohs wore scarab amulets because they were believed to bring good fortune and financial prosperity.

3. It Means A New Beginning

The Egyptians surely noticed that dung beetles were always changing. They seemed effective, as they often uncovered new feces and effortlessly pushed the densest, darkest waste to appropriate spots.

The scarabs seemed to represent their resilience, flexibility, creativity, openness to change, and willingness to begin again.

4. Good Luck

It was believed that the scarab would bring good fortune to its owner, no matter how wealthy or impoverished they were. By 1850 B.C., scarab beetles were being mass-produced to adorn jewelry including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. They were fashioned from a wide variety of materials, including the precious stones amethyst, carnelian, lapis lazuli, and faience (a material made of crushed quartz, lime, and alkali).

How were scarab amulets used?

Scarab designs were often etched into the stone of tombs. Those were then used as ornaments. Most common were scarab-shaped protection amulets, which were fashioned from gold, jewels, and painted clay. They’re beautiful enough to be used as jewelry. Mummies were often buried with amulets to protect them from evil. The amulet, which had a magical, protective charm engraved on the reverse, was put over the mummy’s heart.

You may pass the “ultimate judgment exam” with the assistance of a scarab. It was thought by ancient Egyptians that after death, the goddess Ma’at would use a massive set of scales to measure a person’s heart. Something dreadful happened if your conscience was full of sin; you were barred from heaven. However, if your spirit was unburdened, you could go without risk. However, the scarab beetle may be able to assist you out. If you wanted to avoid the afterlife ceremony of having your heart weighed, you may have one placed over your chest after you passed away. With any luck, the scarab will persuade Ma’at that you’re a worthy person who deserves her pity.

How to pick the perfect scarab bracelet?

When picking out a scarab bracelet there are several things you should consider:

1. Style – What style do you want? Do you want something simple or something more ornate? Do you want something that looks like it came from ancient Egypt or something more modern? There are many different styles available so look around until you find one that suits your taste!

2. Size – You’ll also need to pick out what size you want. Some scarabs come in sizes small enough for children while others are so big they can only be worn by adults! If possible try it on before purchasing it .

Scarab Bracelet Styles

Pyramid Scarab Bracelet/image from
Pyramid Scarab Bracelet/image from

There are many different styles of scarab bracelets to choose from. These include:

1.Pyramid style. This is the most popular style and usually consists of a single scarab on a chain or an elaborate design with different stones.

2.Square shape. This style uses a square shape to hold the scarab, which can be made from gold, silver or other materials. It may also have other designs such as a pyramid or triangle on it.

3.Tower shape. The tower shape uses two pyramids placed next to each other with a scarab in between them and sometimes a third pyramid at the top.

4.Keyhole shape. This is similar to the tower but has round shapes at each point instead of pyramids and has no central stone.

How to wear a scarab bracelet?

wear a scarab bracelet/image from
wear a scarab bracelet/image from

We’ve all seen the Egyptian-inspired jewelry that’s been trending over the past few years. But what if you want to wear a scarab bracelet, but don’t know how to style it?

Here are some tips on how to wear a scarab bracelet:

1. Wear it with other jewelry to balance out the look.

2. Try wearing it with other pieces of jewelry in your collection so it doesn’t stand out too much.

3. If you’re not sure how to style your scarab bracelet, try pairing it with other pieces of jewelry that match its color or style. This can help create a well-coordinated look without sacrificing individuality!

4. You can also try wearing multiple scarab bracelets at once for an even more dramatic look!

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