What is King’s crown piercing?

Male genital piercings such as the kings crown are extremely uncommon. A more common name for this type of tattoo is “dydoe piercing“. These piercings are extremely uncommon due to the inherent danger they pose. You must have a large and prominent glans to support the piercing, which means that you must be physically suited for it (commonly known as your head). There is a good chance that even though you’re anatomically suited, the piercing will migrate or even reject if you aren’t careful.

Because the piercing increases the sensation that was lost after circumcision, it is the primary reason for getting it. The idea is that the jewelry will mimic the pressure on the glands that the foreskin exerts on someone who has not been cut in the same way. G-spot stimulation can occur if the sexual position is correct when jewelry is positioned in the center of a woman’s top gland.

What is a Kings Crown Piercing?

Kings Crown Piercing
Kings Crown Piercing

The name ‘dydoe,’ as previously mentioned, may be more familiar to you. There are many different types of penis piercings, but there is one in particular that is known as a “kings crown.” One end of the barbell is commonly worn under the ridge, while the other end is worn on top. It’s not uncommon for people to use the term “king crown piercing” to describe someone who has two dydoe piercings. It is possible to have multiple dydoe piercings along the coronal ridge.

For this piercing, you must have an extremely well defined ridge and an extremely loose foreskin for it to work.

History and Background:

As far as I can tell, this type of piercing is a recent development. The Cyprian Society, a Jewish college organization, is credited with creating and popularizing Doug Molly’s (Richard Simonton’s) inventive mind. Apparently, they opposed the circumcision of newborns without their consent and promoted the piercing as a way to compensate for the lack of stimulation. However, this story was used by Gauntlet and others without any proof beyond Molly’s account published in the Adventures of a Piercing Freak, which was published in 1975. Gauntlet and Piercing Fans Quarterly International would have a direct impact on Molly’s efforts to spread this history.

As with most male genital piercings, it can be traced back to the Gay Subculture. Doodad’s name can be traced back to a woman named Molly. Body & Genital Piercing in Brief’s history and background for piercings was widely accepted until the early 2000s. Gauntlet and the piercing industry were promoted by Mosty. Even so, the piercing was new to Molly at the time.

Cheek piercing at King’s tattoo ink, Chhetrapati.

Dydoe Piercing Pain Level

Dydoe piercings, like all genital piercings, can be uncomfortable for a while after the procedure is completed. A majority of male genital piercings claim this to be the most painful. If you receive more than one, the pain will be even greater.

After the first piercing, the adrenaline wears off, making the second one more painful. Even though many piercings can leave a dull ache, you’ll likely feel no pain immediately following the procedure. While the piercing will be sore as it heals, you won’t have to deal with the pain of many other piercings.


Unique and hard to come by, the King’s Crown piercing is just that. It may reject you if you don’t have the right anatomical structure to support it. Even if you only get one dydo piercing, it is one of the most painful piercings. In spite of the fact that this piercing has healed, you still have the possibility that it will reject. Getting a piercing in the king’s crown is not for the faint of heart.

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