What is Pixiu: Meaning, Benefits, and How to Use it

Wearing a pixiu, according to Chinese folklore, would bring its owner good fortune and prosperity. When worn as jewelry, it is supposed to provide several advantages to the wearer.

We’ll go through what Pixiu means, what it can do for you, and how to wear it appropriately to attract money in this post.

What is Pixiu

It is a legendary creature with a dragon’s head, a horse’s neck, a lion’s body, and two wings on each side.

According to Chinese legend, Dragon Pixiu/Piyao, the ninth of the dragon’s children, is said to be more powerful than his father.

Bixie, another name for Pixiu, was on the prowl throughout the cosmos, keeping an eye out for evil and potential pandemics. In the Yellow River Valley, the birthplace of ancient Chinese culture, it is stated that pixiu assisted Huangdi (the Yellow Emperor), a tribal chieftain eventually honored as the progenitor of the Chinese nation.

As a punishment, the God of Heaven is claimed to have sentenced this creature to a life of treasure-eating and anus-blocking misery for his misbehavior.

Benefits of Wearing the Pixiu Bracelet

  • Expel any harmful elements from your sphere of influence.

Negative energies will have no influence on you because to the tremendous power of this bracelet. It’s recommended that you hold it with your left hand to maximize the bracelet’s potent impact.

  • It is unlikely that electromagnetic forces might cause significant damage.

Your mental health is at risk from electromagnetic radiation that is emitted by every technological device you use today. You may be surprised at the amount to which your cell phone, television, tablet, and laptop may all cause disruption in your daily routine. So, by wearing the Pixiu Bracelet, you may significantly limit the hazardous impacts of these devices.

  • Take care of your emotional well-being.

It’s easy to lose all of our emotional energy in the midst of the daily grind of life. Since a result, wearing this bracelet will keep your psychic well-being intact, as it emits a soothing aura that prevents you from being mentally weary as you could otherwise.

  • Even your take-home pay improves with time.

If you wear it correctly, this incredible bracelet may boost your earnings! To assure your success, you must, however, put it on correctly. It might have varied effects if worn incorrectly, so use caution.

  • Get rid of any stress or worry.

The wearer of this bracelet is said to benefit from a sense of balance in their life. This is due to the fact that it produces a lot of energy. As a result, you’d be able to shake off the gloomy mood you’d been in.

You’ll be able to regulate yourself and think more clearly if you wear this bracelet, which makes you feel lighter in the head.

Who can wear a Pixiu bracelet?

The bracelet may be worn by anybody between the ages of 16 and 70, regardless of their star sign. Piyao’s energy may be so powerful that if you’re under the age of 16 or beyond the age of 70, or if you’re pregnant, you should avoid wearing the charm.

However, if you’re over 70 and athletic, or if you meditate often, this riches bracelet may be right for you as well..

Pixiu may be worn by those who want to draw in the energy of plenty. When it comes to protecting yourself from losing money, you may also wear this piece. You may also use it to fight against negative energies and omens of doom.

Which hand to wear the Pixiu bracelet?

The Pixiu bracelet should be worn on the left hand rather than the right. The reason for this is that wearing it on the left represents bringing in good fortune and prosperity. You may give away your money and prosperity to other people if you wear this on your right hand.

How to choose the best Pixiu Bracelet?

Pixiu charm and beads are two crucial factors to consider while purchasing a bracelet. If you want to use the accessory’s abilities rather than merely make a fashion statement, you need be aware of the materials from which it is constructed.

Pixiu charms made of metal are the best option if you want to maximize the bracelet’s wealth-drawing powers. If you want to add a little sparkle to your outfit, you could choose for a piece of jewelry with crystal beads.

Can I wear Pixiu to sleep?

No. During the night, take the charm off. Piyao has the potential to be too aggressive, resulting in sleep difficulties such as nightmares.

You should also take it off while you’re going to the bathroom or having sex with your partner. It is impossible for this species to coexist with anything filthy. It will benefit you if you show Pi Xiu the same level of respect that you show your other pals.

Who Cannot Wear Pixiu?

If you’re lacking in chi or energy, you should avoid this item. In this category we’ll cover everyone from the old to the ill to youngsters. The reason for this is because the creature’s power might be overpowering. You may be overwhelmed by its force if you don’t have the necessary physical or spiritual fortitude to handle it.

But if you’re aged and energetic or meditate frequently, you may be able to take control of Pixiu.

In Chinese folklore, the Pixiu dragon

Pixiu is sometimes referred to as Piyao outside of China. Pi Xiu and Pi Yao are two other ways to write it.

The Pixiu dragon is said to resemble a lion in Chinese folklore. It’s been characterized as having a dragon’s head and a lion’s body. It is often shown with wings, the foot of a Quilin, or the horn of a deer.

This omen-bearing beast has a variety of legends around it. As the youngest offspring of the mythical Dragon King, it was a heavenly beast.

In another legend, Tai Sui, the Grand Duke of Jupiter, is said to have been a big fan of Pixiu. Bad luck, disease, and tragedy are all supposed to be brought about by angering the Tai Sui. Wearing Piyao is said to shield you from the Grand Duke’s wrath as well as bad luck.

However, Pixiu’s visit to the Jade Emperor is the most well-known story.

One of Piyao’s favorite foods is precious metals, including gold, silver, and gemstones. The Jade Emperor had a visit from the beast one day. It defecated all over the royal floor, breaking palace law.

Piyao’s actions infuriated the Jade Emperor, who punished him. He shut Pixiu’s anus, therefore securing her bottom. Consequently, the beast was unable to excrete the precious metals and stones it devoured.

Symbolic of prosperity, Piyao eats treasure but never releases it. According to Feng shui practitioners, Pixiu can attract and safeguard riches for the person who owns it.

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